Underestimate him at your own risk (and don't say he didn't warn you).

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Jaden Baker

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"This novel blew me away...

Kirchoff is an amazing writer and storyteller, creating such real and
vivid characters, even those that are despicable.”


A dark emotional read

“Go pick it up if you like a dark and very emotional read because this one is pure genius. It’s so well written, there are no other words for it….G E N I U S!!... This kind of journey was a first for me…it was incomparable…something I haven’t experienced before and I truly am lost for words.”


Faith renewed

“A few months ago, after going through several — let’s see, how do I put this nicely — extremely sub-par free indie offerings on Amazon, I became disheartened, depressed, disenchanted. Then I stumbled across Jaden Baker and my faith in indie was renewed. I should thank Ms. Kirchoff for saving me *thank you* from giving up on indie publishing altogether, because I would have missed lots of charming, enlightening, entertaining, hilarious and thought-provoking indie fiction”